What’s an Endodontist, and Why Do You Need One?

Phoenix Endodontists

While we all tend to use one word for someone who takes care of our teeth — dentist — there are actually several different kinds of dentists out there, each with different specialties. Today, we’ll look at a special kind of dentist called an endodontist and why you might need one.

Endodontist Save Teeth

All dentists are invested in keeping your mouth healthy, but endodontist are especially invested in saving your teeth. They specialize in endodontic therapy, which comprises procedures that involve the soft tissue inside teeth, called pulp.

If you’ve experienced a traumatic blow to your teeth, if you’re experiencing oral pain, or if you have severely cracked or broken teeth, an endodontist is your best bet for a full recovery.

Endodontist Receive Specialized Training

dr twine phoenix dentistWhile all dentists receive some training in endodontic therapy, endodontist receive two or more years of advanced training on top of their general dentistry education.

Dental on Central’s own endodontist, Dr. Twine, for example, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s dentistry program and then continued his specialized training at Louisiana State University’s Endodontics program.

Thanks to their specialized training, endodontists like Dr. Twine are able to take on more difficult diagnoses and procedures.

Endodontists Can Save Children’s Teeth

If you have a child who’s experienced a blow to the teeth, it’s important to track down an endodontist. A blow to a tooth that’s not fully developed can blunt root growth, but endodontist can perform a procedure to re-stimulate growth and save your child’s teeth.

Endodontist Perform Special Procedures

If you ever find yourself in need of a root canal, you’ll want to find yourself a qualified endodontist to carry out the procedure. Because endodontist spend more time studying root canal procedures, they’re better qualified to ensure your root canal is successful and that your recovery is as smooth as possible.

If you’ve been told you need a root canal and want to make sure you get the best treatment possible, Dental on Central can help. Thanks to our team of highly qualified dentists, including Dr. Twine, you can rest assured you’ll get the treatment you need with the care and expertise you deserve.

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