Special Needs Series: Anxiety and the Dentist

Living life with anxiety is difficult enough, and combined with fears about the dentist, it’s enough to keep you from making your check-ups a priority. But at Dental on Central, we Dental on Central Anxiety and the Dentist understand the special needs of our patients with anxiety.

Treating Anxious Patients with Respect

Our dentists understand that anxiety isn’t just about being a little afraid, and it’s not just something that a person can “get over.” We treat our patients, both adults and children, with respect by making sure we’re doing everything we can to help them feel calm, including the following:
We communicate everything we’re going to do before we do it, so the patient isn’t surprised by anything.
We move in a calm, slow and reassuring manner so our patients aren’t startled.
We offer positive reinforcement when our patients overcome their anxieties.
We want our patients to feel like we’re all on the same team, because we all want your teeth and gums to stay healthy!

Sedation Dentistry for Patients with Anxiety

For cases of severe anxiety, Dental on Central offers sedation dentistry in addition to our other anxiety-reducing techniques. Dr. Herro reviews each patient’s medical history to create a custom plan that addresses the specific needs of the patient. We offer oral sedation, IV sedation and general anesthesia

Special Needs Dentistry at Dental on Central

At Dental on Central, it’s not just anxiety we’re equipped to help patients deal with. Whether it’s anxiety or a phobia or a more severe condition like Down Syndrome or the residual effects of a stroke, Dental on Central is here to help our patients feel comfortable while getting the best dental care around. For more information or to schedule an appointment at one of our three locations, visit us on the web or call 602.266.1776.