What the Plaque?


It’s perhaps one of the most dreaded statements in the dental experience: “You’re going to need a root canal.” Now, while the root canal’s reputation is a little undeserved, the truth is, you obviously want to avoid them when possible. Read on to learn how. What is Plaque? Plaque arises from a substance called biofilm. [...]

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What Your Dentist Might Find Besides Cavities


When you think of your dental appointments, you're probably worried about one thing -- whether or not you have any cavities. But when you get a clean bill of health from your dentist, it's not only your teeth he's talking about. Read on to find out what other health issues can be diagnosed during your [...]

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How to Help Sensitive Teeth


Do your teeth hurt when you eat something too hot, or too cold, or too hard? If your food isn't just right, does eating become a painful experience? You don't have to keep suffering. Use our tips to help sensitive teeth. Brush the Right Way Brushing too hard can irritate already-sensitive teeth. Make sure you're [...]

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What to Do About Missing Teeth


Do you have missing teeth that make it difficult to chew or unsightly gaps that cause you anxiety about your appearance?  We have a solution for you at Dental on Central. Read on to learn about Dental Implants and how they can improve your quality of life. Dental Implant Solutions If you need a tooth [...]

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All About Dental Crowns


If you have a cracked or damaged tooth, you may be the perfect candidate for a dental crown.  Read on to find out more about crowns and what to expect from your procedure. What is a crown? A dental crown caps or covers a damaged tooth or even an implant.  Crowns help strengthen teeth that [...]

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How to Prevent Bad Breath


How to Prevent Bad Breath There's nothing to put a damper on a conversation than bad breath. Whether you're in a meeting at work or on a date, make sure your breath is fresh and conversation-ready with these tips. #1: Good Dental Hygiene Prevents Bad Breath The good news is, your dental hygiene routine should [...]

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How Your Diet Affects Your Teeth and Gums


You probably already know what not to eat to keep your teeth healthy.  Too much sugar, sticky foods, hard candy, etc., are all well known as cavity-causing culprits.  But what about what you should eat to keep your teeth healthy?  Read on to find out how your diet affects your teeth and gums. You Are What You Eat The [...]

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Causes of Tooth Crown Pain and How to Treat It


There's nothing that can stop you in your tracks quite like a toothache. While most crowns are problem-free, there are some situations that can lead to pain and discomfort. Tooth Crown Pain Causes There are several reasons you may be experiencing pain related to your crown. If you didn't have a root canal before your [...]

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Restorative Dentistry 101


Dental maintenance can go a long way toward preventing major dental problems, but sometimes a more targeted approach is necessary. Read on to find out about restorative dentistry and what it can do for your oral health. What is Restorative Dentistry? Restorative dentistry is the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral disease and decay such [...]

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