Oral Surgery

The Relationship Between Root Canals and Crowns


Root Canal and Crowns FINALLY EXPLAINED There’s a lot of confusion about the relationship between crowns and root canals.  Does a crown cause a root canal?  If you have a root canal, do you need a crown?  What exactly are a crown and root canal?  Read on for the details. What is a root canal? [...]

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What to Do About Missing Teeth


Do you have missing teeth that make it difficult to chew or unsightly gaps that cause you anxiety about your appearance?  We have a solution for you at Dental on Central. Read on to learn about Dental Implants and how they can improve your quality of life. Dental Implant Solutions If you need a tooth [...]

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What are Dental Implants?


So you've been told by your dentist you need to have teeth removed, and he or she is recommending dental implants.  What are dental implants, and why might you need them?  Read on to find out. Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement You might need a tooth replacement for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps you ended [...]

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Three Warnings Signs You May Have Impacted Wisdom Teeth


Wisdom teeth, defying their name, can cause all sorts of problems for the rest of your teeth.  But there's a special set of problems that can come along with impacted wisdom teeth.  Read on to find out what they are and three warning signs you may have them. What are Impacted Wisdom Teeth? Impacted wisdom [...]

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How to Recover from Wisdom Tooth Removal


Wisdom tooth removal is a necessary evil, but there's no denying that recovery can be less than fun.  Here are our best tips to help make your recovery from wisdom teeth removal surgery as quick and easy as possible. #1: Follow Your Doctor's Orders Your oral surgeon will know exactly what happened during your surgery, [...]

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The Root Cause: Facing Common Dental Fears


Few people look forward to a visit to the dentist. But serious anxiety prevents millions of Americans from seeking proper preventative care. The consequences of this problem may go far beyond the obvious. Avoiding regular dental care could lead to gum disease—a serious infection that can affect other parts of the body. Studies now link gum disease to illnesses including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

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