Pediatric Dentistry

Strengthen Your Teeth From the Inside Out


How can you strengthen your teeth? When it comes to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, you might know what NOT to eat (too much sugar, sticky items, hard items, etc.), but what foods can actually improve the health of your teeth? Read on to find out! Turns out that keeping your teeth healthy involves [...]

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How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth


It's the new year, and maybe that means you're trying to get your kids to adopt a new resolution: better dental hygiene! We know convincing kids to make brushing their teeth (let alone flossing) a priority can be a struggle, but we've got some great tips for you. Let Your Child Pick Their Own Toothbrush [...]

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Halloween Treats to Make Your Dentist Smile


Halloween Treats to Make Your Dentist Smile Let's face it: Halloween is probably one of the least favorite holidays of dentists everywhere.  Nothing against ghouls, goblins, witches or even tricks -- it's all the sticky, gooey, cavity-inducing treats that are the problem!  So if you want to make your dentist handy, consider handing out one [...]

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Why Your Child Needs Pediatric Sealants


The elementary school years can fill up fast with extracurriculars -- and that can translate into abbreviated bedtime routines and rushed mornings.  It's also a time when your kids need less supervision for everyday activities -- like brushing their teeth.  That means problem areas, like the back teeth, might not get enough attention -- and [...]

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Baby Tooth Removal Tips


A child's baby tooth will usually fall out on its own without any intervention. However, sometimes “a little assistance” is needed. Parents are sometimes unsure about what to do when it comes to extracting their child’s loose baby tooth. Should the parent pull out the tooth, encourage the child to pull the tooth himself, or make an appointment with the dentist? Here are some simple thoughts to consider….

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Simple Dental Tips for Kids


Since tooth decay is the number one dental problem among preschoolers, we want to equip parents with simple dental tips to limit problems and promote healthy teeth and gums in our littlest ones. Here is a list every parent should consider.

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