There’s nothing that can stop you in your tracks quite like a toothache. While most crowns are problem-free, there are some situations that can lead to pain and discomfort.

Tooth Crown Pain Causes

There are several reasons you may be experiencing pain related to your pain dentist phoenix

  • If you didn’t have a root canal before your crown was placed, it’s possible the nerve may be traumatized.
  • Similarly, if the bite wasn’t recreated perfectly, it can cause irritation, especially if you grind your teeth at night.
  • If there are problems with previous fillings, you may be susceptible to a bacterial infection of the nerve root. Silver fillings seem particularly prone to these problems.

How to Treat Tooth Crown Pain

If you know or suspect you grind your teeth, consider investing in some mouth guards. You can find generic ones at drugstores or online, or you can have them custom-fitted to your mouth by your dentist. Try giving your jaw muscles a quick massage before bed to relax the muscles.

Make sure you’re maintaining good dental hygiene — brushing and flossing are your first steps in fighting against cavity- and infection-causing bacteria.

If your tooth crown pain persists, don’t put off getting to the dentist. There may be a problem with your bite, or with the crown itself, that can be corrected by your dentist. If your dentist diagnoses an infection, it may be necessary to remove the crown and perform a root canal.

Tooth Pain Treatment at Dental on Central

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