If you have missing teeth in Phoenix due to cavities, injury, or other reasons, we can help! If you have teeth that are stained, decayed, or cracked, we can help with that too. Even if your teeth have always been misshapen, or crooked, cosmetic dentistry can fix all of those problems.

Cosmetic Dentistry In Phoenix

Dental on Central has the competence to handle the toughest cosmetic dental issues. It is usually preferable to save your natural teeth, bu if this is not possible and you’re missing teeth Dental on Central offers numerous ways for you to maintain or regain your ability to eat, drink, speak, laugh, and smile with confidence.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a tooth replacement for missing teeth, that includes an artificial tooth plus an artificial root, they are usually made from bio-compatible titanium. With local anesthesia, the artificial root is actually inserted into the jaw bone where it integrates with the bone tissue. A dental implant is often the best method for restoration, as it offers strength, natural function, and protection from bone recession that often take places at the site of a missing tooth.
Dental Veneers
If you still have your teeth but are not comfortable with them, dental veneers might be the best answer for you. Porcelain veneers offer a relatively cost-effective approach to cosmetic adjustments – uneven color, size, or shape. They have thin shells bonded to the front of the teeth.


Dentures are a plate holding artificial teeth that can be removed for cleaning. Sometimes the entire set of upper and lower teeth have to be pulled and a denture created. Dentures are customized and can contain varying numbers of teeth.

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