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What is Multidisciplinary Dentistry?

Put simply, multidisciplinary dentistry refers to dental treatment that uses more than one type of dental tactic. This type of multilevel care occurs when there are complex cases that need to be treated in many steps. Often we come across this type of situation when dental care has been put off or ignored for many years.

Multidisciplinary dentistry utilizes a team approach of general dentists and specialists in dental on central xraythe diagnosis and treatment of all types of oral health issues.  This can include root canals, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, periodontal therapy, general dentistry, sedation dentistry, and sleep health.  This varies greatly than the traditional dentist office which consist of one general dentist who refers specialty treatment out to other offices.  With a multidisciplinary approach, the specialists and general dentists work together in the same office which allows for a more unified team approach.

As you can see, this type of interdisciplinary dentistry requires a lot of strategy and expertise!

When we care for patient’s teeth, we look to at least four areas of dental health: biology, structure, aesthetics, and function. Biology refers to the health of the gums and bones around the teeth. Structure is all about the teeth themselves—their condition and the history of issues they have had. Aesthetics are important because the smile is what people see first when they look at a person’s face. And function deals with the supporting components that make everything in the mouth possible: muscular development, joints and the way teeth play nicely together…or not. When we see one or more of these areas as a cause for concern, we begin to think about what type of dental care would correct all of the problems. Then we make a plan.

Oral health is serious business. It can ultimately determine the path of many other areas of your health. To help prevent many serious problems like heart disease and a host of other health concerns over the next few years of life, we seek to correct our patients’ dental issues as attentively as possible.

We are a full-service interdisciplinary dental office. We deeply care about every single person that comes into our chair, and we make it our business to attend correctly to each issue that presents a challenge.

Come in to Dental on Central and let us take you on an educational tour of your mouth. Our highly trained and qualified doctors and staff will take time to make you comfortable, explain how everything we see works together, answer all of your questions, and lay out a map of what lies ahead to fix your smile. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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