We here at Dental on Central passionately desire to be known for highest quality compassionate care…and we feel this level of service is especially necessary for the folks who come to us with specific special needs. Many people who bear the weight of these dental officelifelong challenges do not have access to regular and ongoing dental care…because many dental practices do not have systems in place to adequately provide what they need. We make it our business to have those systems in tip-top shape, and we continually educate our staff on the particulars of caring for those with unique considerations. Dental on Central actively welcomes families who require extra special attention.

Physical disability, ADHD, anxiety, asthma, autism, cerebral palsy, cleft lips and palates, diabetes, down syndrome, epilepsy, blindness and hearing impairment…all come with behaviors and conditions that require knowledge and understanding. Sometimes people cannot sit or hold still long enough to receive care; we offer all forms of sedation and anesthetic (supported by an MD Anesthesiologist) to help them safely receive care while asleep.

We see and respect each individual with regard to medical and clinical details of their condition, taking all medications into account, and we go to extra measures to monitor how the pharmaceutical side effects may be affecting their dental health. We are prepared for behavioral considerations, and manage with kindness and compassion, using a tell-show-do method that helps patients feel safe and comfortable. We look for specific problems associated with a person’s individual condition, and always offer an educational plan of action to keep dental health moving in positive directions at home. Most of all, we work hard to provide the most enjoyable experience possible, so the patient will look forward to seeing the dentist!

Our goal is to treat every person who crosses our path like they matter, they are worthy of great care, and we are here doing what we do just for them. Please contact Dental on Central today and make an appointment with some of the most compassionate, caring people in the dental field today.