What Your Dentist Might Find Besides Cavities


When you think of your dental appointments, you're probably worried about one thing -- whether or not you have any cavities. But when you get a clean bill of health from your dentist, it's not only your teeth he's talking about. Read on to find out what other health issues can be diagnosed during your [...]

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How to Prevent Bad Breath


How to Prevent Bad Breath There's nothing to put a damper on a conversation than bad breath. Whether you're in a meeting at work or on a date, make sure your breath is fresh and conversation-ready with these tips. #1: Good Dental Hygiene Prevents Bad Breath The good news is, your dental hygiene routine should [...]

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Myths about Dental Health


You probably have the basics of dental health down pat: brush twice daily and floss every day.  But you may have some notions you think are helping or at least not hurting your dental health that are actually nothing more than myths.  Read on to sort out the truth from fiction when it comes to [...]

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