Your Childs First Dental Experience


The American Dental Association recommends for your baby’s first dental visit to be within the first six months after they spring their first tooth or by their first birthday, so that your pediatric dentist gets familiar with your family and vice versa. It is important to start children on a regular dental schedule early, because [...]

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New Year, New Habits


It maybe February all read but it’s never to late to think about committing to a healthier 2019.  Studies show that there’s a strong correlation between dental health and the health of the rest of your body, so make your dental hygiene a priority this year, starting with these three resolutions. #1: Make Daily Flossing [...]

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How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth


It's the new year, and maybe that means you're trying to get your kids to adopt a new resolution: better dental hygiene! We know convincing kids to make brushing their teeth (let alone flossing) a priority can be a struggle, but we've got some great tips for you. Let Your Child Pick Their Own Toothbrush [...]

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How to Keep Your Gums Healthy


We talk a lot about keeping your teeth healthy and avoiding cavities, but a huge part of your overall dental health is keeping your gums in tip-top shape too! Read on to learn why you need to focus on your gum health and how to keep your gums healthy. Why Gum Health Matters When you [...]

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Myths about Dental Health


You probably have the basics of dental health down pat: brush twice daily and floss every day.  But you may have some notions you think are helping or at least not hurting your dental health that are actually nothing more than myths.  Read on to sort out the truth from fiction when it comes to [...]

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What You Need to Know About Plaque


You hear about it all the time -- from your dentist, from TV commercials, on toothpaste boxes.  You know plaque is bad and you don't want it, but what exactly is plaque? Read on to find out. What is Plaque? Quite simply, plaque is the sticky, colorless film that forms on your teeth.  It's a [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Make Flossing a New Year’s Resolution


5 Reasons You Should Make Flossing a New Year's Resolution You've been told over and over again that you need to floss at least once a day, but maybe you need a little more info to help motivate you to actually do it.  Look no further -- here are 5 reasons you should make flossing [...]

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