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New Year, New Habits


It maybe February all read but it’s never to late to think about committing to a healthier 2019.  Studies show that there’s a strong correlation between dental health and the health of the rest of your body, so make your dental hygiene a priority this year, starting with these three resolutions. #1: Make Daily Flossing [...]

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How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth


It's the new year, and maybe that means you're trying to get your kids to adopt a new resolution: better dental hygiene! We know convincing kids to make brushing their teeth (let alone flossing) a priority can be a struggle, but we've got some great tips for you. Let Your Child Pick Their Own Toothbrush [...]

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How to Keep Your Mouth Healthy Between Dental Visits


Keeping your mouth healthy between dental visits is the best way to ensure an easy visit to the dentist twice a year.  Not sure where to start?  Read on for tips on keeping your teeth, tongue and gums in tip-top shape. #1: Brush Correctly Twice Daily You probably already know you're supposed to brush your [...]

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