The Modern Denture

When you think of dentures, you probably imagine white-haired, gum-mouthed caricatures fumbling around with a set of false-looking teeth. But the truth is, dentures have come a long way, and they can make a huge improvement in your quality of life. Read on for the truth about dentures.

Different Dentures for Different Needs

Dentures aren’t all the same anymore. There are three main types depending on your needs.

Immediate Full Dentures: Prior to removal of your teeth, we take measurements and have dentures fitted for your mouth. This way, they can be placed in your mouth immediately so you don’t have to spend any time without teeth. However, immediate dentures to require a follow-up visit to tighten your dentures once your mouth has healed.
Conventional Full Dentures: These completely replace your teeth so that none remain on the jaw. Your gum tissues are given time to heal, which means you could be without teeth for a few months.
Partial Dentures: These dentures work around your own teeth that are still viable. They’re similar to a bridge, except these dentures are removable.
They are more natural-looking and fit much better than they did in the past.

Benefits of Dentures

When the jawbone has deteriorated too much for implants, or when there are many teeth missing, dentures are a great way to rebuild a healthy, beautiful smile. Dental implants work well for healthy jaws and gums and a small number of missing teeth, but dentures offer more flexibility for larger numbers of missing teeth and gums or jaws that aren’t in the best shape.

Dentures also tend to be much more affordable than implants, they can also serve as a temporary solution while trying to decide whether or not to invest in implants. Dentures these days are an affordable and good-looking way to prevent dental decay and eliminate gum disease, whether they’re a temporary or permanent solution.

Dentures by Dental on Central

If you are thinking about getting, Dental on Central can help talk you through the pros and cons as well as the process for creating your own unique set. Dental on Central has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best dental health. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 602.266.1776