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Daily Activities That Can Severely Damage Teeth

April 10, 2021 | Anxiety,General Dentist

Most people are aware that eating sugary foods is bad for the teeth, but most don’t suspect that many other routine daily activities may also cause tooth damage. Some common habits can harm your tooth enamel, damage your gums and impact overall oral health. If you think you might have suffered tooth damage from common… read more

5 Ways to Calm Dental Anxiety and Fear of the Dentist

January 7, 2021 | Anxiety,General Dentist

If the thought of going to the dentist fills you with dread, you are not alone. Fear of the dentist is a common phobia that results in 15% to 20% of Americans neglecting their dental health by not going altogether. Keeping up with your dental appointments, however, is extremely important for the lifelong health of… read more