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Why Is it Important to Replace My Toothbrush?

July 27, 2021 | Dental Blog,General Dentist

You might think that you are taking proper care of your dental health if you are brushing your teeth at least twice per day. If you’re overdue to replace your toothbrush, however, brushing your teeth might not be as effective as you think. If you don’t replace your toothbrush often enough, you may be getting… read more

How to Floss Properly

July 6, 2021 | Dental Blog,General Dentist

Flossing your teeth is an important habit that reduces the amount of plaque and bacteria buildup on your teeth, helping you achieve a healthy mouth. If you are flossing incorrectly, however, you can cause more harm than good. Improper flossing could damage your teeth and gums. It is also not as effective at cleaning your… read more

What Is Periodontal Disease?

June 29, 2021 | Dental Surgery,General Dentist

Periodontal disease – also called gum disease, periodontitis and gingivitis – is an oral infection of the gums. Periodontal means “around the tooth,” meaning it refers to disease or infection in the gums, tissues and bones surrounding the tooth. Periodontal disease is a common issue that is often reversible in its early stages. If left… read more

How to Tell if I Need a Tooth Extraction

June 15, 2021 | Dental Surgery,General Dentist

Tooth extraction is a type of oral surgery that is only needed in unusual circumstances. Regular care and professional cleanings by a good dentist can help you avoid most severe dental problems that would require extraction. In addition, solutions such as root canals and dental crowns can save most damaged teeth. However, some injuries and… read more

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

June 9, 2021 | Dental Surgery,General Dentist,Implant Dentistry

A dental crown is a popular way to repair a damaged tooth. It is customized to match your other teeth, creating a seamless solution for a damaged tooth that would otherwise detract from your smile and reduce functionality. If you currently have an appointment to receive a dental crown, you may have questions about the… read more

What Can Cause Tooth Discoloration?

May 20, 2021 | General Dentist

Having a healthy, beautiful smile is important. The teeth are often one of the first things people notice when meeting someone new. Stained, discolored teeth can inhibit your smile and reduce your self-confidence. Many different things – including common daily habits – can cause tooth discoloration. Preventing the problem before it occurs is much easier… read more

How to Keep Your Gums Healthy

May 5, 2021 | Dental Blog,General Dentist

Most people brush their teeth at least twice a day, and about 30 percent of the population floss daily. As careful as people are to clean and protect their teeth, they seldom consider the health of their gums. Almost half of all adults (4 out of 10) in the U.S. have gum disease. Even those… read more

Daily Activities That Can Severely Damage Teeth

April 10, 2021 | Anxiety,General Dentist

Most people are aware that eating sugary foods is bad for the teeth, but most don’t suspect that many other routine daily activities may also cause tooth damage. Some common habits can harm your tooth enamel, damage your gums and impact overall oral health. If you think you might have suffered tooth damage from common… read more

What Is a Dry Socket?

March 25, 2021 | General Dentist

Dry socket (alveolar osteitis) is a condition that can occur after the removal of a tooth if a patient is not careful to prevent it. It can cause pain and discomfort, as well as a severe infection. Fortunately, dry socket is preventable and easily treated. Learn more about dry socket and what to do if… read more

What to Do After You Chip a Tooth

January 27, 2021 | Dental Surgery,General Dentist

A chipped tooth is one of the most common dental problems seen in dentists’ offices around the world. A chipped or cracked tooth is a painful issue that can cause minor to major damage. The only remedy for a chipped tooth is a visit to a dental professional. Before you have your appointment, however, there… read more